Mar 23, 2009

Nu Stuff

Alright, alright, so there's some exciting news here. Things are starting to move and we've got a shop in Jerusalem that's going to be carrying some PopLove-ised tee shirts! I'll post photos and details later, so check back soon. Besides that, we've been working on all kinds of neat designs and stuff, as you can see! Oh, and by the way, my hair is now blonder than ever :) But you'll have to check back next week so see photos of that ;)

Mar 10, 2009

More fun in nostalgia-land!

So, I'm still obsessing about the past, so I figured that I'd post a few more of my favorite old photos. That's not to say that I'm not working on anything new, far from it! I guess it's just that here in Israel, it's Purim, which is basically the Jewish version of Halloween, so it's reminding me of all the old days when I used to dress up like "Halloween is every day". Here's to all the fabulous freaks of the world!

Mar 9, 2009

A History of PopLove in Pictures: Part 1 - photoshoots

I've been searching through some old photos, and I never realized how much eye candy I used to make. So I'm going to post a series of blogs that show exactly where PopLove has come from. Let's start with the early days when we were still called "Hysteric Faerie"...