Sep 26, 2010

By the way...

We did a fashion show back in July. I never realized it, but we never posted any photos from it! Probably because the day before the show our compy had a nervous breakdown and we didn't have a proper computer for a month, but I digress.

It was a smashing hit, and looked so amazing! We had some great help from a few super-talented people like Talya Friedman (co-coordinator), Whitney Wright (makeup artist), and a few beautiful models as well. If you couldn't make it check out the photos:

<3 Andrea

Sep 16, 2010

Oh my! An update!

Well, I'm a little late with this post, but I suppose the old saying still applies... anyway I've got something fun to post about. We've been working on a new top and it's finally up and ready for you to check out! It's a new & improved version to our previous "rock'n'roll" top... but what do you call something that's more rockin' than rock'n'roll?? Heavy Metal! Alright, so what's so different about it? First of all, besides the awesome chains in the back, we' added a satin ribbon tie at the bottom (it's hard to see in the photos, check it out in the etsy listing). Besides that, it's also DOUBLE-SIDED! Inside plain black, outside, Jackson Pollock-style paint splatter in white. So check it out, it's our new Heavy Metal top. Questions, comments and critiques are, as always, muchly welcomed.