Aug 21, 2011

Photoshoot 4 fun!

On Friday our favorite male model Roie came over for a quick photoshoot. The results are awesome!

Here are some of the best photos from that day, what d'ya think?

Aug 8, 2011

Glass Sculptures and Summer Sales

Chihuly has had an amazing exhibit here in Tel Aviv for months, and we decided to check it out at the absolute last possible minute... What a great decision! It was awesome. All of the bright colors and lovely flowing shapes mixed with spiky crystal like spears of glass. 

It was like glass sculpture poetry.

Here are some of our favorite shots we took that day:

And on another note completely:

The End of Summer sale has started in our Etsy shop!​vedesigns

Simply enter the following coupon code in the checkout cart to receive a 20% discount:


P.S. - Yes, I occasionally write here too!

Jul 24, 2011

Camisoles and tanks

I can see it's been a while since we posted any of our new designs on here and frankly, I'm a little disappointed in myself!

We've been working so hardcore on everything that I've been forgetting to share! So without further adieu let me present our 2 latest creations:

Check it out on our shop!

And this one too :D
We've also got a great dress that I can't wait to show you... but I'm gonna have to. I hope this tides you over for now! 

We'd love to hear your feedback.


Jul 11, 2011

Press, boutiques and new designs

Long time no see! I know we've been really bad bloggers lately, but being a designer and a blogger can be a really tough job sometimes. We've been pretty busy with a lot of great new designs and some really cool news!

Since we haven't had a chance to shoot any of the new designs yet, we'll have to settle for the other stuff that's been going on.

First of all, we're back in a great boutique - Mefoze! If you're lucky enough to be in the TLV area to wander & shop, be sure to stop by and tell them we sent you! I love that shop, they're totally our style. 
Secondly, we were featured in a great article in the Jerusalem Post's Metro magazine! Unfortunately, to read it online you have to be a premium member, but trust - it was a great article! They also featured one of my other favorite TLV eco-designers Neutra. LOVE her bags.

Neutra's Adi bag - can you believe this is made of recycled truck inner tubes?!

Anyway, we're planning to shoot our new camisole and (cross your fingers) our latest dress design in the next week or so, so be sure to stay tuned!  In the meantime, take a look at this furry caterpillar! Don't you just want to collect 100 of them and make them into a sort of live boa?!

Hrm... *subversive organic fashion*

Jun 12, 2011

How to Mordant Organic Cotton - Our Latest Tutorial

We've got another great "how-to" video tutorial for all you DIY-lovers out there! 

Check it:

You can see why we've been so mysteriously silent online lately... and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Besides our usual, we've been busy little design-bees - some great new stuff to show you soon, but in the meantime, you'll just have to feast your eyes on our awesome tutorial and editing skills :P

I'll be back soon with more updates, I PROMISE!


Jun 7, 2011

We're still here, I swear

I swear we haven't fallen off the face of the planet...

We're just working hard on some great new designs that I promise we'll share soon!

In the meantime, check out some awesome photos from out Yaffo (aka Jaffa) way from a few weeks back:

Hot stuff, right? Can you believe that they painted over it?!

Anyway, I promise we'll be back with some more real PopLove goodies soon!


May 15, 2011

Maya Stern - a course for Chocoholics!

I think it's time for a little tangent into the "PopLove Life".

See, on Friday Shai and I went to this amazing course on how to make your own truffles, fudge and other goodies. It was awesome. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll shut up and let you take a look:

It was awesome. And now I know how to make truffles :D


May 11, 2011

Our tutorial on how to dye organic cotton is here!

Well, it took us a little longer than we originally expected, but we've finally smoothed out our technical problems!

Sorry that it took so long to get here, but we'd love to hear what you think. Also - please try to ignore the reflector that keeps popping into the shots for the first few minutes. Heh, noobs.

We'd love to hear your response! Leave a comment if you've got questions.


May 8, 2011

Male models are hot. So are new stuffs.

We did a photoshoot with this hottie last week. We shot some of our new organic t's on him along with some of our upcycled men's t's - so much fun! -  P.S. smoking isn't cool it just looks like it.

Of course, Noodle got a little jealous, so he had to steal the show.

We've also got some new skirts up - I'm loving the black & colorful prints.

So... we've been busy and that's my excuse for being a bad blogger lately.
Also exciting - we're back in Plazma! If anyone's in Tel Aviv and wants to see some of our latest and greatest goodies in action, stop by and ask for PopLove :)


P.S. - I haven't forgotten about that video I promised you, we're having some technical difficulties :(
I'll let you know as soon as it's been sorted out.

Apr 27, 2011

Happy back-to-work time!

I hope everyone had a super-happy Easter weekend or Passover (whichever you celebrate). 

We've got some really cool, exciting stuff coming your way soon... our first video-tutorial!!!

Please don't laugh. I'm a nerd. I'm excited.

It's also going to come with an in-depth tutorial here explaining how to do everything.

The subject? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this random photo.

A new screen we're working on for our eco-shopping bags


Apr 17, 2011

Art gallery and arty video

Wow, I just realized that we didn't even post the video we made!!! Just goes to show you how crazy we've been. Well, better late than never, take a look:

We wandered all around the city last Friday, it was so fun! First we visited a great new little boutique-center near the beach, then we headed down to see "Fresh Paint 4" - it was super-inspiring!

By the way, if you're curious, the music is "Dinosaur Adventure 3D" by Underworld :)

We need to do stuff like this more often.


Apr 14, 2011

Busy doing what designers do - make stuff.

I know we haven't been very good bloggers lately. I've got all these great ideas of things I want to do, but we've been so busy with putting together new items that I haven't had a chance!

I think we're even behind in posting some of the great photos from the shoot a while back, so here's some more eye-candy for you:

Actually, I'm just being a tease here - this skirt sold-out already! But don't worry, we're working on some more versions in different colors for you, and once they're ready, we'll post them here :)

Besides that, we've got some more really cool versions of our "armor top" coming as well. I can't wait to show you!!! Too bad I need to sleep, I want to stay up sewing all night... anyone have a "cure" for sleep?


Apr 8, 2011

My brain is going to explode!

Title caught your attention?

I found this amazing pseudo-instrument thingie and you all need to know about it!

I'm addicted. I also just discovered "Garage Band" - this is dangerous.

On a completely unrelated note (except maybe the awesome-factor), we've got some auctions up on eBay and this one is about to end for WAY too cheap!
We also had a super-fun day today, and I will tell you all about it on Sunday.


Apr 6, 2011

Auction Madness!

I don't know how we forgot about eBay for so long, but we've just re-opened our store!!

Take a look for yourself, we've got some amazing deals on our newest prints!