Jan 30, 2010

Got some cover!

We got an interview and we appear on the cover of the February edition of d'ash magazine.  It's cool and exciting - check it out!

Jan 14, 2010


We've been getting together pictures of stuff that inspires us, and here are a few of the highlights.  It's interesting, since it's not limited to fashion designers only.  There are graffiti artists, architects, photographers and more.  It seems that the main connection between them all is bold use of color, unique ideas and strong structure, even if sometimes it's not immediately apparent.  Anyway here they are - check em out!

Zaha Hadid

Thierry Mugler

Alexander Mcqueen

David Lachapelle

Jan 8, 2010

Shooting up on the street

We wanted to get some photos of our winter streetwear shirts, since they had only ever been photographed on a mannequin.

So what better place to shoot streetwear than on the street?
We went down to our cool neighborhood - Florentine at night, and shot the items on the backdrop of the market stores (or actually the stores shutters).

Came out really cool and urban feeling.  Here are the highlights:

Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year bookworms!

Even though there's not much of a "Holiday Buzz" here in Israel, I love that I still get holiday gifts :), and this year is no exception. Between the two of us Shai & I got some seriously awesome stuff! 3 new ones, including "Architecture in China", "Science Spaces" and a cute one called "Fashion Makers, Fashion Shapers". All in all, our collection is getting to be seriously awesome. Next step... an apartment with space for a coffee table to keep them on...

A selection of our awesome coffee table book collection for the coffee table-less connoisseurs