Dec 29, 2010

Organic Beauty

I want to start by saying a HUGE thanks to my beautiful friend Roee who was so sweet on Sunday, I think he's going to be our new male house-model. He came by and we shot some of our organic t-shirts on him - isn't he gorgeous?! I love photoshoots (especially when I don't have to be the model!), and he was super-amazing. There's more photos coming as well, but these were 2 of my favorites. Of course, it helps that Shai is an amazing photographer.

In other news, we've finally finished that puzzle-dress we were working on, wait until you get a look at it, I'm so happy with the way it turned out! Besides that, we're on a roll lately, and we've got another new top in the works. I won't go into to much detail, but you're going to love it.

<3 Andrea

Dec 19, 2010

A day dedicated to lovely


We've finally been getting settled here in the new apt/studio, and I have a new obsession - flowers! The guys at the local flower shop either already know me or just like ladies, because every time I go there, I get a free flower - today, I put it in my hair and couldn't resist the camera-urge

For a while now, we've had these pillows we experimented with a while back floating around, and I decided we needed somewhere comfy to chill when we're not slaving over PopLove, so I put together a "Pillow-Carpet" - what do you think? I love the corner we've got there now, with all the awesome coffee-table books, it's tough not to just sit there all day rolling around looking at them!

We're still working on the puzzle-dress, but we're making some changes, so you'll just have to stay tuned to see the surprise!


Dec 16, 2010

Some new items and a feature!

So the first new and exiting thing is that we are featured on the shop page!

Besides that we have been very busy and have created a funky geometric scarf from recycled materials of course.  It comes in two colors at the moment, and with more to come soon! Check out the pics:

We've got a blue version of the sleek'n'sexy jacket, and we've also made a new version of the fluted skirt. This one is blue/gray/black

And next week we will have a new dress ready, it's very exciting and colorful.  A bit of a Japanese feel to it.  Pics coming soon!

Dec 3, 2010

Patchy peony

I'm seriously in love with our new studio space. It's so much easier to work, we're on a roll! Not only have we finished a new jacket (see the last post) and a new skirt, we've got another set we're shooting today! And a scarf!
I promise that soon we'll get some shots of the new space (including our "stairway to awesome"), but in the meantime, check out our newest skirt! What do you think of the flower addition? I love it.