Dec 29, 2010

Organic Beauty

I want to start by saying a HUGE thanks to my beautiful friend Roee who was so sweet on Sunday, I think he's going to be our new male house-model. He came by and we shot some of our organic t-shirts on him - isn't he gorgeous?! I love photoshoots (especially when I don't have to be the model!), and he was super-amazing. There's more photos coming as well, but these were 2 of my favorites. Of course, it helps that Shai is an amazing photographer.

In other news, we've finally finished that puzzle-dress we were working on, wait until you get a look at it, I'm so happy with the way it turned out! Besides that, we're on a roll lately, and we've got another new top in the works. I won't go into to much detail, but you're going to love it.

<3 Andrea

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