May 15, 2011

Maya Stern - a course for Chocoholics!

I think it's time for a little tangent into the "PopLove Life".

See, on Friday Shai and I went to this amazing course on how to make your own truffles, fudge and other goodies. It was awesome. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll shut up and let you take a look:

It was awesome. And now I know how to make truffles :D


May 11, 2011

Our tutorial on how to dye organic cotton is here!

Well, it took us a little longer than we originally expected, but we've finally smoothed out our technical problems!

Sorry that it took so long to get here, but we'd love to hear what you think. Also - please try to ignore the reflector that keeps popping into the shots for the first few minutes. Heh, noobs.

We'd love to hear your response! Leave a comment if you've got questions.


May 8, 2011

Male models are hot. So are new stuffs.

We did a photoshoot with this hottie last week. We shot some of our new organic t's on him along with some of our upcycled men's t's - so much fun! -  P.S. smoking isn't cool it just looks like it.

Of course, Noodle got a little jealous, so he had to steal the show.

We've also got some new skirts up - I'm loving the black & colorful prints.

So... we've been busy and that's my excuse for being a bad blogger lately.
Also exciting - we're back in Plazma! If anyone's in Tel Aviv and wants to see some of our latest and greatest goodies in action, stop by and ask for PopLove :)


P.S. - I haven't forgotten about that video I promised you, we're having some technical difficulties :(
I'll let you know as soon as it's been sorted out.