May 25, 2009

weddings and wonderment

Well hello there! That's right I'm still living on this planet, I've just been hibernating for the past month and a half! Let's see, what's new? First, Shai & I moved apartments, which means new STUDIO space!! I actually have space to cut fabric!! (Okay, but still not enough) Ha ha, and besides that his sister got married a couple of weeks ago, which means I had to (of course) make a fabulous dress to wear. Though I don't have any decent photos of it, I'll be sure to get some soon. With the move & everything we've been really slacking with shooting the new stuff. Ooh, and Shai & I also made him a fabulous leather tie!! Are you jealous? For all you animal lovers out there, you needn't worry, the tie was made from 100% repurposed vintage leather, and it's 100% awesome! BUT, for now, here are some shots of other wicked stuff we've been working on. I'm in love with these slouchy shirts, they're PERFECT for Israeli summers, they're nice and airy. Ooh, and don't tell, but the blue denim bag is a birthday present for my brother. I'll let you know if he likes it. Ciao for now chiquitas!

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