Mar 1, 2010

Spring / Summer 2010 Catalog!

It finally arrived!  The Spring / Summer 2010 Catalog.

The new line includes a women's sleek camisole, converted from a men's dress shirt, a belted tunic that goes great with tights or skinny jeans,  a fabulous babydoll dress, men's and women's punky shredded t-shirts, adjustable capri pants for men and women, and mens Raglan T-shirts.

All the new items are of course made from recycled materials, making each item a unique creation.  All recycled fabrics are carefully selected at PopLove to create the highest quality items possible.  The finishing touches are hand done in our studio and so every item gets individual attention.

So check out the new catalog, and the items will be added to the online store in the next couple of weeks!

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