Jan 11, 2011

DIY cardigan!

This DIY tutorial is about how to turn that old sweater into a chic and funky cardigan. First of all the tools you will need are:
 Once you have chosen the sweater you wish to use, lay it flat on your floor or working table, for a detailed inspection.  In this case we have an old lambswool sweater in green made by GAP
 We decided to break up the boring v-neck, by introducing a straight cut down the front, right hand side of the sweater.
 The extra fabric, past the v on the right hand side was folded over and pinned to create a geometric and asymmetrical look
 Then we folded the sleeves onto themselves 15 cm inwards.
 And for added funkiness we cut a slit up both side seams, going approximately up to the waist.
 We then pinned down some black satin ribbon onto the cuff ends of the sleeves and along the two side edges on the front.
 Sewing machine was then set for extreme zigzag, using black thread.
Once you've sewn the ribbon down the front & cuffs, you'll need to decide where your buttons go, and put in some button-holes

Sew on the buttons and Viola! An amazing, customized new cardigan... now that's better than a plain old Gap sweater, isn't it?!

Let us know if you like our tutorial, I think that these may be something we start doing regularly. In fact, there may even be another one next week!

Andrea & Shai


  1. wow, this is seriously amazing!
    dunno if I could do it though since I'm not very good at sewing :)

  2. Well, the best way to learn is trial & error! Grab yourself a cheap sweater from a vintage shop and give it a try!