Mar 10, 2011

Day off!

Well, I guess you've probably figured out by now that the photoshoot we had planned for Sunday hit a snag. Not to worry though, we're still doing it, just this coming Sunday instead of earlier this week.

How crazy is it that we rescheduled for next Sunday and didn't even realize it's our wedding anniversary?! Well, I can't think of a better way to celebrate, so it all worked out for the best anyway.

Since we were suddenly left with a free day on Sunday, we decided we'd earned a break, and the weather was FABULOUS (20 degrees c and sunny) so we took a day off! We wandered up to Park Hayarkon and absorbed some nature. Of course, we brought the camera.

Some kind of old ruins, I think it was a flour mill
A bird. No idea what kind, but doesn't he look cool?
Shai... being Shai.
Me and the Noodle
Poor moth, his wing is broken :(

Once we got back, we had a little lunch and decided to check out Old Jaffa as well. Tons of awesome stuff, we picked up a couple of great Indian throws for the couch, and some incense. Not to mention that it's just plain awesome to wander around there!

Crazy suspended tree in an egg!!
Beautiful little alleyways
No idea what this building is, but it's pretty.
Zombie-Elvis was preforming!!
We really liked the pink "highlights" on this building
Anyway, it was a really awesome way to spend the day. Somehow it went from being beautiful and Sunny in the morning to rainy and scary in the afternoon, but I can't really complain... with all the years of snow I suffered in Canada, I can handle a little rain ;)