Mar 1, 2012

Pip & Pop - Magical Installation Art

Sometimes when we crave inspiration we search high and low and find only chewed up flat xerox copies of the same things that we have been fed a thousand times over. And other times when you least expect it you encounter wonderful inspiring creations that send tingles down your spine and make you shoot rainbows from your ears for days. Pip and Pop match the latter description.

Casually popping up during our random plowing of the blogesphere, this Australian female artist duo (Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz) make fantastic, happy-charged installation works out of the randomest of materials such as sugar, sand, petroleum jelly, pigment, polystyrene, modeling clay, lights, plastic, paper, wire, artificial plants, pompoms, beads,  sweets, glitter, pipecleaners and more. 

Currently they show mainly in Australia, Europe and Japan, where they have recently released a cool looking book as well.


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  1. this is amazing ... looks like a katy perry video !
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