Feb 16, 2011

Key Pendant

In this tutorial we show you how to easily make a key necklace with added bling factor. All you need is an old key, some crystals, chain and some clasps. And a really strong glue of course (we like e-6000) with some toothpicks.

First start with a key
Then grab your glue & toothpicks
Then get a pile of flat-back Swarovski crystals
 You can use all kinds of other crystals as well
Using a toothpick, apply the glue to the desired spots. Use a little at a time since it dries up fast!
One by one place the crystals on the glue, then add more glue, more crystals etc. Go nuts with it and have fun!
Cut a length of chain. Then get a clasp and circle connectors. Using pliers connect them to the ends of the chain you would like to use.

And voila! the key necklace is ready to be worn. The extra bling factor should get you lots of attention when you wear it around town!

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