Feb 6, 2011

That size 0 thing: Part 1

This all started with a fashion ad I got in an email recently. This first thing I thought when I saw it was "WOW, that's awful!"... but I clicked on the ad.

I have a morbid fascination with this whole size 0 thing. I mean, it's not pretty. But it's somehow the norm now. Most people would look at this model thinking "Yep, she looks pretty average for a model." But compared to the average woman, she's so far from normal she might as well be another species.

I remember when I was a kid, models used to be these gorgeous superwomen. I know that Linda and Cindy and Claudia were all slim, but they were still women. Nowadays, models just end up looking like these weird malnutritioned aliens.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The questions is, who's this alleged "beholder"? Who decided that impossibly skinny is best? And it's not like skinny has always been the ideal shape. Look at any Renaissance painting and you'll see a hell of a lot more curves than anywhere nowadays. That was way sexy then.
I think it's got a lot to do with what's hardest to achieve. Western cultures have a huge problem with obesity, particularly the US. Where does the majority of international media come from? Duh. If you take into account that a major part of what makes fashion desirable is its exclusivity, then in a twisted kind of way, it makes sense that size 0 is in fashion now. Does that make it right? Of course not!
Approximately 5 million Americans suffer from anorexia and bulimia. About 20% of people suffering from anorexia will prematurely die from complications related to their eating disorder, including suicide and heart problems.

And what for? To look like some kind of abstraction of a female?  

Following this post we will post a part 2: The male perspective, written by Shai, and 

a part 3: The female perspective, written by Andrea. We want to hear your feedback. Are we overreacting or does this bother you too?

Shai / Andrea


  1. I don't agree with the size 0 model on the catwalk. I've just written an article on my blog about a designer for New York Fashion Week using older, more mature models.

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  2. I think size zero women are not women at all, they are sickly looking bone racks. I will never understand why designers REQUEST this kind of look for their garments to be displayed.

    I book new models for photo shoots monthly and I get a lot of requests from ladies all over the world. I turn down most models who cannot fit into a size medium or larger. I have gotten requests to model from size zero models before and I simply tell them they are not the look I am going for. Who wants to see a size zero model in lingerie? Not me. I refuse to support that standard.

    Can't wait to read the other posts!

  3. Thanks for your input Charlotte, I'm definitely going to check out your blog!

    Purrfect Pineapples - Yeah, I don't think lingerie would be very appealing hanging off of a "bone rack"! It's nice to hear from a fellow designer who makes a conscious decision to use healthy-looking females as her models!

  4. I just commented on here but I believe I erased it before sending by mistake.

    Anyway, I am a size 0 and have been my entire adult life. I eat a very balanced diet and do indulge in my carbs, sweets, wines and beers. I have NEVER had an eating disorder and am one of the healthiest people I know. I work out and even if I did not I would still be petite just not toned as the women in my family are smaller. It is insulting to generalize all size 0's as you have done in your post in this negative light. I am 125lbs, 5'7 and a size 0 and look healthy and feel great.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that you're insulted by our post, but I think you've missed the point. You're right that there are a very few women out there who are petite by nature. Heck, when I was in high school, I could eat like a horse and I was a size 0.
    If what you're saying is true, then I'm sure you don't look like the models we've posted here - they sure don't look healthy and fit. The problem with women attempting to be a size 0 is that in order to get there, they go to unhealthy extremes. That's what we're against.

  6. Yeah every designer has a different opinion on what they like. I personally like tall skinny girls with cleavage or a really artificial bright hair/plastic surgeryesque artifice look like Jeffree Star or Amanda Lapore (which is probably just as unhealthy). But really I'm not really into models that are "that" skinny since tight clothing and corsets look better on skinny/curvy body. But I guess we're all just free to use whatever models we want for our own lines. I wouldn't say that skinny girls are not women, that's kind of harsh Erika. And I've worked with some models who are naturally skinny and some who make themselves look like that. I used to be really skinny when I was younger and some people thought I had an eating disorder but really I'm just lucky. So I don't think you can make blanket statements that all super skinny girls have eating disorders. But that said (I'm rambling) I think my cutoff for attractive skinny would be no less than 5'8" and 120.


  7. Oh just to add, being 125 and 5'7" isn't really that skinny honestly. I would say that the models pictured are waaaay below that and thats what makes them look so shocking. But I guess everyone carries it differently.

  8. Wonderfull post.I think that all this bones are so " anti Sexy"