Feb 8, 2011

That size 0 thing: Part 2 - The male perspective

There is something captivating (or purely shocking?) in the appearance of a stick-like woman. The bones protruding from odd spots and in funny angles. In a twisted way this appearance  communicates a notion of a "strong woman", a woman who is more powerful than her own nature. The truth is quite the opposite.

There is something very non-feminine about this look. Androgynous gone wrong. At the end of the day an image like this may catch your eye, but most guys wouldn't want to cuddle up with a pile of bones..

Not that I long for the image of the ideal woman of the 50's or 60's. The voluptuous screen goddesses such as Jayne Mansfield,
Bridget Bardot, Marilyn Monroe  etc. They just look lazy to me. 

What would be really nice to bring back, would be the ideal female figure of the 80's. Women then couldn't just slim down to look right, they needed to combine a healthy balance of exercise and proper diet, for the toned and fit look. There were beautiful supermodels back then such as Cindy Crawford, Paulina Porizkova and Elle Maspherson.



  1. I have known plenty of these kinds of men who idealize SKINNY boney women.

    Recently my boyfriend had told me he has always been attracted to the "anorexic look" which I find so messed up and has given me a complex. Had I known sooner ~ I would have broken up with him for this. (Even though I am size 0 - 2 ~ I just don't want the complex, I think I have a great body and got over my catwalk model comparisons in high school.)

    I just don't understand the attraction ~ anorexia is a disease. They are miserable, phychotic, and unhealthy and it 'aint cute!! I had a friend hospitalized for anorexia in high school, she was tube fed for a month, there is the epitome of beauty is pain. Only she looked like absolute s@&#@.

    So what is so attractive about anorexic women to my boyfriend? He told me ~ Skinny is always healthier than fat and very skinny people are gentically superior because they don't gain weight when they eat. So when he gets serious ~ he looks for signs like protruding ribs and hip bones.

    I guess now I could be glad I have protruding ribs naturally? It's never something I looked at and went "Wow I have such a hot rib cage". Ribs are freaky.

  2. I hope I was clear in the above post that I don't idealize SKINNY bony women.

    I think that the appearance of an overly skinny woman may be striking or shocking. It definitely is attention grabbing. However, I don't find it beautiful or attractive in any way.

    Skinny isn't any healthier than fat. Sadly women nowadays think that there are only two options available to them: to eat or not to eat. It is truly a shame that the healthiest and sexiest option of eating well and exercising is not taken into account at all.

    Hopefully this sickly-skinny "trend" will pass and maybe we will get an 80's comeback in the form of the female figure? Here's hoping!

  3. I loved how you prefer a healthy look over the bonny! I used to be bonny and I was made fun of til I was 15. Then, because of ballet, I started building up leg and butt muscles... As we know, metabolism decreases as we age, so last year, I was actually fat! And I measure this stuff with body fat percentage, so I wasn't crazy... I decided to change my lifestyle: eat better, ballet and yoga plus walking everywhere I can. As it turns out, I found out that I had grown up (!) at the age of 20, making me feel much fatter than I really was. Today, I didn't lose weight, but lost fat and gained muscle! It takes time to adjust when you've been a stick figure all your life and suddenly, you're "hot" (to guys) and curvy... I'm not entirely happy yet, but I'll get there. I guess wee just have to understand our own body structures and find our beauty.